Fortnite V-Bucks Generator 2019 – NO Human Verification / NO survey

Fortnite V-Bucks Generator 2019 - So you just get V-Bucks without surveys

For many gamers, Fortnite has become the new favorite game. It offers a unique game dynamic and can quickly become addictive for fun. Over time, you also learn that you can buy skins and other items with V-Bucks. The problem: You have to buy for real money V-bucks in order to redeem them in the game. But there is a way to get free v-bucks without real money. This is called and I will briefly introduce this in this article:

Use Random-Spin as a Fortnite V-Bucks generator

First of all, you have to make it clear that Fortnite V-Bucks Generator 2019 does not really exist in this form. All variants that you usually have to download are fakes or lead into an Abofalle. Everyone knows these advertisements on YouTube, in which one should go to a website, complete a subscription with their mobile phone and then receive free V-Bucks. This works neither on PC or on PS4. Why? Because these sites do not connect to Fortnite and these animations are just façade. To get really serious to a V-Bucks generator, you should follow this guide:

Free V-Bucks by Random-Spin without human verification

In order to get to V-Bucks for free on, you do not need a no human verification, you do not have to do any surveys, but with some luck you can easily win credits, such as PayPal credit and debit can then easily buy V-Bucks legally. But how exactly does it work? To understand this, you first have to understand how the website Random-Spin works. If you want to skip this part, you can simply look at the information video or directly click on “To Website” to get to the V-Bucks Generator.

Random spin works like this: Every day 3 boxes are generated for his account. (Important: This site is completely free, so you get its V-Bucks for free.) These 3 boxes can then open and then receives a profit. This is in most cases small, but can also be a direct profit, such as a 10-100 € Paysafecard. This is very similar to a V-Bucks Generator for Fortnite 2019 with only the tiny difference that is legal, runs without mobile number or polls and is therefore a lot more relaxed than on any dubious websites.

The cool thing is, you get these boxes every day, which means that you can always get such profits and then exchange them at Fortnite. The whole works for PC, PS4 and also Xbox 360. If you want to try, then click on the green button below the video and register or log in with Facebook / Google / Twitter. After that, you can start right away by opening boxes and earning money like a Fortnite V-Bucks generator. The website is in German / German.

Play on Random-Spin and earn free coupons easily

Free V-Bucks

With Random-Spin you can gradually earn free V-Bucks. You can then redeem these via PayPal. The only thing you have to do? Open daily cases on and get your profit.

Free Paysafecards

With a bit of luck, get a free paysafecard as a direct win on In every free boxes you receive daily can hide such a prize. So start now and save your paysafecard codes!

Free PSN Cards

In addition to Amazon vouchers, iTunes and Google Play cards offers also PayPal credit to win. Take part in jackpots for free, get your profit and trade it for PSN Cards. So easy - start now!